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Submitted by Vahan Abrahamyan on Mar 16, 2004

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Saghmosavanqi mot.


Lorenia, and others interested. As the description states - it is near Saghmosavank Monastery. This is in Aragatsotn Marz (Aragatsotn province). The gorge itself is called "Kasakh Gorge". There is a river (barely visable) at the bottom, and from where the picture is taken the river flows away towards the village of Ashtarak. There is a very fancy, and very beautiful restaurant there (actually built around the river in the bottom of the Gorge) called "Ashtaraki Dzor" or "Ashtarak Gorge".

To the right of where the picture is taken stands Mt. Aragats, to the left is Mt. Ara.

Either at Sagmosavank or down the gorge a little at Hovanavank, there is said to be a cave that goes from inside the monastery out to the wall of the Gorge. I looked for it during my most recent trip to the monastery but the monastery was closed and I couldn't see it from the wall of the gorge. If you get the opportunity go see it for yourself.
-- Hovaness, 17 Feb, 2006
A wonderful view, I've been there and have seen this magnificent gorge.
-- Anna Mnatsakanyan, 15 Apr, 2005
Where is this??
You should write some description...
We foreigners always want to know
-- Lorenia, 14 Jul, 2004